Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enhancing the Web Experience

Web 2.0 & Social Media

With the terms 'web 2.0' and 'social media' used interchangeably, it is easy to confuse the two with being one and the same. Despite the common misconception and similarities the two share, web 2.0 and social media are in fact, two different concepts.
One thing to note is that web 2.0 isn't a particular application but rather an approach of how web interactivity works. It is mostly associated with web applications that facilitate the sharing of ideas, collaboration of data, and the contribution of information. It places the end user in the forefront of their own web experience- by empowering them with tools to customize media and technology to contribute to the website or application's content. In other words, it allows users to act as participants, rather than passive viewers.

Social Media, on the other hand, is a key component in web 2.0 practices. Driven by communication and collaboration, social media is based on participant's online contribution. Facebook and Twitter are just two of the many existing websites that capitalize and rely on social media.

So, why adopt social media?

Just as the internet revolutionized information sharing during the 1990's, social media is radically altering how people communicate and share information today. Social media is quickly becoming the new face of the Web, and as such, it is critical that your business is positioned to reap the benefits and opportunities this movement can offer.


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  2. Thank you for your kind comment. I have great interest in web project and specially those with social media flavour.