Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10. Module Integration

Keep customers informed of your marketing initiatives through the integration of carefully placed modules. Access to information on promotions and upcoming events can now be as easy as a click of a button... but why stop there? Utilize modules to subscribe visitors to regular e-newsletters and keep in contact with them for months to come!

9. HTML communication (branding integration)

An HTML email or newsletter is a great way to keep in contact with your client base. With regular contact, not only do you gain additional visibility, you will also remain top of mind among your client base. As an extension of your brand, try to integrate a similar look and feel with your other communication. The recording and analysis of e-mail open, forward and click-through rates to gauge interest and readership is also essential to improving future communications.

8. Search Engine Marketing

In an age where information is readily available at our fingertips- it is no question that your website must be just as accessible! Significantly strengthen your online visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Just remember, like any marketing tactic, it needs to be well supported with other tools such as targeted, ongoing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts. Targeted banner ads, paid search and landing pages as well as special events or promotions can all work towards bringing your organization to the forefront and boosting your bottom line.

7. Video

Tired of writing? Why not let a video do the talking for you? Cleverly placed video insertions in web or intranet sites bring more life to the overall user experience. Media player integrations allow you to push the creative boundaries of your website, while customized YouTube Channels can take your website to the next level!

6. Media Gallery

Show off your goods! From media gallery modules, to a full-scale solution with all the bells and whistles- personalize your website by showcasing your photos, videos and cams all in one place!

5. Add This/ Share That

Let your message go the extra mile by allowing others to easily tag, post, e-mail and share your content! Remember- the distance of your message is only limited to the never ending people that your contacts’ contacts communicate with. With very minimal resources and a fraction of the cost, your message can be carried beyond the immediate community to others on such a fast and personal level never before possible.

4. Content Enhancements

Time to spice up your website? Creating and leveraging user-generated content is not a passing trend. Tap into online resources such as Flickr or YouTube to promote fresh, relevant content for your website visitors, while engaging your guests with relevant content.